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pods in retail environments

With our modular system, you can create anything for your mall or retail space.

A small coffee booth or a pop-up shop, a consultancy pod or a mother's privacy room.

Speak to our team about the possible uses for your space.

Fully open sides or fully enclosed, it all depends on your requirements.

Built-in video walls or stretch fabric lightboxes. We can provide you with a pod solution that suits your needs and requirements.

retail pod solutions

Our pods are supplied with acoustic walls and ceiling panels. But in some environments, that is not a requirement.

Like a pop-up shop in a mall.

Slatwall or AV walls are more important for these places.

We can construct your pod to your needs, as we are modular and able to customize the pod to what you require.

Speak to our team and see what we can create for you.

pop-up shop

mother's retreat

coffee booth

vaccination booth

ticket booth / reception counter