power track

Using the unique Eubiq Power track, we can instantly supply snap-on power-points, USB chargers, bluetooth speakers, and many more options. Just twist, and they are live, use the locking system to ensure guests or staff do not remove the accessories.

Multi-national power points are an option.

Eubiq track is standard in all pods from Pod Solutions.

magnetic light track

Pod Solutions supply a light track built into every ceiling beam in every pod as a standard inclusion.

With a range of magnetically attached light fixtures, you can create the right lighting solutions for your pod.

We can also build led downlights into your ceiling panels as an option.

acoustic door seal

As part of making every Pod acoustically soundproof. 

Our door system comes with a drop-down seal creating a quiet environment you would expect from a world-class acoustic pod.

electrical connectors

For ease of connecting electrical wiring looms, Pod Solutions use a clip system enabling you to be connected in seconds.

fire retardant materials

Pod Solutions use certified fire retardant materials for all pods. 

Like mineral core ACM (aluminium composite material) or plasterboard for Walls and Ceilings. 

We have a comprehensive range of materials to choose from when it comes to our walls and ceilings.