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re-locatable accommodation pods

Pod Solutions have created a pod system that can be used in hotel and airport environments.

With our unique modular system, we can create anything from built-in sleep-pods to full hotel Rooms as well as airport restrooms or workspaces.

The options are endless using Pod Solutions for your project.

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A hotel room from Pod Solutions is unique in the way that the whole room is demountable and able to relocate.

Our unique modular room solution provides a very economical effort for creating a hotel/hostel in a short term lease location.

No wasted infrastructure when the lease is up, you simply disassemble each pod and move it to your new location.

And yet, the acoustic and insulation provided from Pod Solutions are the same features as a room built as a permanent structure.

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pod assembly

When one of our pods have been assembled,  there is no more to do.

No painting, no electrical work no other trades are needed with everything built-in you have a complete solution for your project.

Our unique wall and post system creates an interlocking pod that is fully sealed and ready to use upon finishing assembly.

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modular, movable and compliant

A pod from Pod Solutions provides a huge amount of benefits, that you will not get anywhere else.

Construction is easy and modular, all you need is an Allen key.

Our pods are able to be dismantled, moved and erected again which creates some exciting opportunities for developers.

We are fully compliant with many international standards for acoustic performance and fire rating.